Top 10 Protein Foods List – Know the Best Protein-Rich Foods You Should Eat

Protein is essential in building muscles, restoring and replacing tissues, and maintaining a healthy immune and hormonal system. For people who are physically active, more protein is needed in their diets. The following list contains the top foods that are the best sources of protein.

Protein-rich foods for vegetarian athletes:

1. Cowpeas and leafy tips that are cooked and drained (may be added with salt)

2. Raw and fresh egg whites

3. Cheeses such as cottage cheese, non-creamed cheese, dry cheese, and non-fat cheese

4. Dried seaweed and spirulina

5. Extra-Firm or Silken-Lite Mori-Nu Tofu

6. Soy sauce from tamari

7. Low-fat, 1% milk-fat cottage cheese

8. Lite-Firm Mori-Nu Tofu

9. Raw pumpkin leaves

10. Nuts and seeds such as cashew nuts, walnuts, and almonds

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